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Rev Session - Dec 4th 2020 - Pheasant Wood Circuit

Rev Session - Dec 4th 2020 - Pheasant Wood Circuit

Regular price $220.00

Dec 4th we have another classic Rev Session @ Pheasant Wood Circuit. 

This is a open practice event limited to Intermediate/Advanced drivers ONLY! 

If you’re a beginner please consider one of our LESSON bookings. 

-This PRAC session will be like all of our past ones - Free flowing, pretty chilled and bulk seat time. 

For anyone that is new to our events or unsure about anything please feel free to contact us.

We will be running multiple layouts on track to give you guys a good variety.

* drivers - $220
* passengers - $25
* spectators- $10

Rev Driver Long sleeve and T’s will also be available, 

We will be posting car regs within the next few weeks, it’s all pretty basic common sense stuff. If you don’t have a half cage we strongly recommend you look into getting on. The lads over at Ministry of Fabrication would be more than happy to have a chat. Head over to there FB for more info. 

Note - this is a Intermediate/Advanced practice session ONLY.
If there is any confusion about the above please feel free to contact us.