Prac Session - Sat 17th July 2021 - Wakefield Park Raceway

Prac Session - Sat 17th July 2021 - Wakefield Park Raceway

Prac Session - Sat 17th July - Wakefield Park Raceway

Welcome back legends! with our first event back at WP proving a success we're getting back into our regular chilled prac sessions. This event will have a LOW driver cap of just 40 drivers (venues request) just to ensure everything runs smoothly. If you unfortunately miss out please contact us to be put directly on the runner up event list. We will have another event date locked in ASAP.  

By now the news has probably spread regarding the new noise rules we need to follow. To secure this event booking we’ve had to consider a non negotiable blanket exhaust rule that applies to everyone. This hasn’t been an easy decision to make, but we feel it will eliminate our ongoing noise issues entirely.

Our new rules which will be put in place for both circuits will be:
- You will require at least 1 muffler
- External wastegates must be plumbed back into exhaust
We understand there will be frustrations around this change but we’d like to think that potentially gaining 2 tracks is more important than a straight through pipe and a screamer.
How will your car be checked at future events ???
- Your car will need to pass a static noise test during the scrutineering process. You will need to be no louder than 100db at 1m distance and 4000 rpm.
- Cars will also be measured on track, if your car pings the noise meter you will be notified immediately and asked to sort something. Your car must not exceed 95db at 30m

We will be running both short and long track throughout the day. If you are a newbie to the drift scene could you please contact us before payment.


Event Requirements:


* Either a AASA or Cams Licence


* Non-flammable clothing that covers from neck to wrist to ankle and fully enclosed, and a helmet to AS1698. 

Vehicle Requirements

*Seat belts Factory or aftermarket Harness in safe/undamaged working order
*Fire Extinguisher 1x1.0kg ( $20 from supercheap/repco/bunnings )
*Bonnet Restraints ( At least 2 points )
*Rear View mirror 
*Tow points either factory or aftermarket must be accessible front and rear
*Brake and Hazard lights in working order
*Secure battery ( location optional )
*No fluid leaks eg, oil, coolant etc
*At least 1 muffler and screamers need to plumbed back into exhaust

Passenger Requirements
*Minimum of a HALF CAGE must be installed to vehicles doing passenger rides
*Apparel ( same as driver )

Noise Level
*The maximum exhaust noise level permitted for cars in this event is 95 dBA at 30 meters. Cars will also be tested during scrutineering - Please do the right thing, do not show up with a straight through exhaust and screamer! You will be asked to leave.

Event Information

7:30am Gates open

8:00am Driver sign on and scrutineering 

9:15am Driver briefing 

9:30am Track time starts 

4:30pm End of track session 

6:00pm Gates closed 


Drivers: $220

($320 for two drivers sharing the one car.  Use the contact us page to apply for this option.)

Passengers: $25 (car must be fitted with min half cage)

If anyone has questions feel free to contact us via Facebook.

- Rev Fam