Cam - 1JZ 200SX

How long I’v been Drifting: 10 years
Why I Started:
I always had a passion for cars, even at a young age. Growing up I was always surrounded by modified or restored cars. So naturally with countless hours of watching car videos I stumbled across drifting. The cars,culture and thrill had me fascinated.
I started my first build early on and I met a lot the Revolution boys through going for drives. They all shared the same interest so we all went out
Oran Park before it closed down to spectate and I will never forget the speed, sound and rush had me hooked and I had to learn to do it my self which has brought me here today.
My Favourite Track:
Ebisu all of them !!
Favourite Car: I can’t name just one the dream is to have a big garage and lots of them.
Current Car: S14 series 2  380kw
1jzgte vvti
Garret GTW3476
1000cc injectors
Haltech ps2000
Bc coil overs
Drop knuckles front and rear
Gktech front lower arms
Rear Camber and Toe arms
Solid subframe mounts