Josh - RB25 Sileighty

How Long I’ve been drifting for:  Started in 2009
Why I Started:
Bought an S15 because it was a good looking fast car, went to a bunch of skid pan nights and got hooked on it.
My favourite track:
Ebisu – Nishi Short
My Favourite Car:
SLYS13. Silver S13 with an RB25
Current Car Mods:
Red Sil80 - approx. 320kw
Full CAMS Cage, stripped shell and stitch welded with a tube front
RB25 Neo with ARP Studs and MLS head gasket, oversized sump with supporting mods
Garret GTX3076r .82 on a 6 Boost Manifold, twin 44mm Tial Wastegates
Haltech Elite 2500 ECU with all sensors, wideband and Racepak Dash
Z34 Gearbox with custom adaptor and tailshaft
R32 GTR 4.1 Nismo LSD and Shafts
Custom Fuel Cell and Accusump in the rear.
Full GKTech Catalogue with Front and Rear Knuckles.
Velo Seats and Harness’s, Type X lights and S15 Dash
Full Origin Labo Widebody with 75mm guards painted in S14 red with Revolution Motorpsort Livery
Work CR2P 18x9.5J+0 18x11J-16 all (A) Disk