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Matt - VH45DE - 180SX

How Long I’ve been drifting for: Started on dirt in 2007
Why I Started:  I liked cars since day one and was initially into grip but I met some friends who were into drifting and I soon became addicted.
My Favourite Track The Farm (The Private Central Coast Track)
My Favourite Car: Ferrari F40
Current Car & Mods: Right now I have a JDM Spec R S15   &   (VH45) V8 Nissan 180SX
Here is the 180SX - V8 
4.5L All Alloy 32 Valve V8 - - 300ZX Z32 5 Speed Gear Box 
R32 GTR Diff & Axles - R34 GTR Brakes
Tein Super Street Coilovers
Here is my old 200SX from 2014-15