Steven - 180SX SR20VET

How long I’ve been drifting:  Going on almost 12 years now
Why I started:
Funnily enough I got mega hooked on drifting because of Initial D! Watched afew episodes at a mates place then went straight out that night and ended up going up a few gutters having no idea. Pretty much still happens to this day.
My favourite track:
Kita (north course) at Ebisu hands down
My favourite car:
Ae86 for something realistic
McLaren P1 for unrealistic
Current car and mods: Nissan 180sx Sr20vet
All the usual bits, bigger turben, haltech, rb25 box, 2 way kazz diff, monpower knuckles, and all kitted up by origin lab through Corporal Industries and paint laid by D Industries of cause.