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Nick - The Drift Lord & Our Saviour

How Long I’ve been drifting for: Started in 2009ish
Why I Started:
Fell in love with cars thanks to ‘The Fast and The Furious’. My first memory of drifting was being a passenger in a 16v 4age Ke70, the driver (Bug-eyes) clutch kicked around a corner in 2nd. That was the moment I discovered what a welded diff does.
My Favourite Track: Ebisu – Nishi Short
My Favourite Car: R32 GTR
Current Car & Mods: Red R33 Skyline 
Approx. 410kw (budget build & constantly stuck on qtr throttle)
Ministry of Fab Half cage with intrusion bars, stripped shell nothing fancy.
RB25 Garret GTX3076r .64 on a Hybrid Manifold, 38mm Tial Sport Wastegate.
Microtec LT12s ECU
1600cc Bosch Injectors on E85
Rb25det Gearbox with a Exceedy 5 puck clutch
Stock welded diff and Shafts
BC coilovers front and back, Garage7 Knuckles, China toe and camber accessories
Bride fixed back Seat
BN sports Kit with Monkey garage rear over fenders, Revolution Motorsport Livery
CST’s 18x9.5 + 17 all round, 30mm GK tec spacer on front 15mm on the rear