Rev Lesson- July 17th 2020 - Pheasant Wood Circuit

Rev Lesson- July 17th 2020 - Pheasant Wood Circuit

This is a practice event limited to Learner drivers ONLY! 

Drift prac event for beginners/ first timers only.

This will be a relaxed event focused on teaching you the core basics to drift. We will have a handful of instructors monitoring you guys, giving you feedback and instructions throughout the day. You will be free to practise circle or fig8 drifting, or if you’re already comfortable with that you can jump straight on track to tackle the corners. This will be a free flowing open pit lane format. How much driving you do is completely up to you.


Main learning focuses will be :

* Clutch and throttle control
* Handbrake use
* Car setup tips
* How to properly initiate a skid.


No memberships etc required. All you will need is a car and helmet.


Driver/ Car regs :



* Either a AASA or Cams Licence or Marulan day licence


* Non-flammable clothing that covers from neck to wrist to ankle and fully enclosed, and a helmet to AS1698.

Vehicle Requirements

*Seat belts Factory or aftermarket Harness in safe/undamaged working order
*Fire Extinguisher 1x1.0kg ( $20 from supercheap/repco/bunnings )
*Bonnet Restraints ( At least 2 points )

Note: Standard cars have 2 points from factory.

*Rear View mirror
*Tow points either factory or aftermarket must be 
accessible front and rear

*Brake and Hazard lights in working order
*Secure battery ( location optional )
*No fluid leaks eg, oil, coolant etc


If there is any confusion about the above please feel free to contact us.