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Revolution Motorsport - Demo Dayz 1.0

Revolution Motorsport - Demo Dayz 1.0

Ladies and gentlemen!

We’ve been busting to drop hints about this huge NSW news for months!

We’re proud to announce that Pheasant Wood Circuit - Marulan NSW has given us the green light to host a Drift event!

As most of you already know our REV SESSION events flow very smoothly with generous seat time. We would like to bring that same experience to Pheasant Wood Circuit. In order to do so our FIRST event will purely be a demonstration day. This in turn means only a small group of handpicked drivers will able to drive THIS event. We know this is not ideal but is what has to be done to ensure this event goes smoothly and that future event bookings can be secured. 

The constant support over the years for the club and events has made a huge difference to the grass roots drift scene here in NSW, So despite this event not being open to public drivers I highly recommend you all come down and witness this awesome track. Having driven this track personally some months ago all I can say is what a RUSH!

This event is proudly supported by Nulon and will be covered by Scott Mitchell Media 😍

We hope to see you all down there on Sunday the 28th to support this great sport, it will certainly be an entertaining day.

Tickets available at the gate.