If you are interested in attending any of the Rev events, please ensure you fill out the form below so we can add you to the list on the gate.

To be allowed to enter the track you need to sign on at the track office or driver sign on area and attend the media briefing after the driver briefing.

Please ensure you have a high visbility vest and wrist band on you at all times in the pit and in the track as you will not be allowed to enter the track with out these.

Never, under any circumstances are you to enter the actual race track unless their is a red flag all track stopped state.

Keep a concrete barrier between you and the track at all times.

No sitting on, standing on, leaning on or over the concrete wall or pit wall.

Your entire body and all your camera equipment must be BEHIND the concrete barrier or pit wall.

Please share your completed images and videos to the event page on facebook, or message it to us directly.

And lastly, please hold off on posting any images or video of any ontrack incidents before speaking to us first.

To get your name on the media entry list please submit here: